Percentages of each material in a curtain wall

Hi folks,

I have succesfully randomized materials to my curtain panels. Is there a way to control percentages of each material ?

@mp94DSF First create three groups of shuffled curtain panels. The length of each group being driven by percentages. You can then change the required parameter of all elements within each group.

Hi Vikram

Thank you, great response. I managed to make it work with a few modifications. Is there a way to divide it by each room of the building?

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You could check for distance of the curtain panel (center) to the room and group them by establishing some proximity based rule.

This conversation could help:

Hi Vikram

Thank you for the great dynamo script. This help us quite a lot
We have a question in regard to this that this script change all the curtain wall panel in the model.

Is it possible to just change to one specific curtain wall type instead all curtain wall within the model?
I am rather new to dynamo and your help is much appreciated.