Pdfs to Excel Hyperlink Problem

Hi all, I have a tricky dynamo question which I cannot get my head around. I have created a script that reads all my issued pdf drawings from the issue folder and then populates my drawing register with a hyperlink to the drawings. My problem is:

  1. The script will only work a new excel sheet and does not create a hyperlink in my drawing register (please see attached). Maybe there is something wrong with how I have created my Drawing register excel sheet.

  2. When I place new drawings in the issued folder, I want the script to place the new drawing hyperlinks to the bottom of the excel sheet in numerical order. At present, when I issue new drawings and run the script, the new drawings appear at the top of the list in excel sheet. So somehow, I want to be able to refresh the link.

I have created some dummy pdfs to give an idea of what the drawing numbers in my issued folder would look like and what happens when you run the script.

Thank you for your time.

New Excel Hyperlink.dyn (13.7 KB)

Drawing Register Out.xlsx (21.2 KB)

0000-SWA-00-XX-DR-S-100.pdf (8.6 KB)

0000-SWA-00-XX-DR-S-101.pdf (8.6 KB)

0000-SWA-00-XX-DR-S-102.pdf (8.6 KB)

0000-SWA-00-XX-DR-S-103.pdf (8.6 KB)

I Kieran, can you please share the Hyperlink node I couldn’t found on http://dynamopackages.com

@Kieran_Atherton, can you please post an image of your graph and an image of what your graph does to the excel file on the first run?

Hi Paulo, Here is the Hyperlink Node:

Excel.Hyperlink_Files.dyf (12.4 KB)

Hi Jacob,

See the images below which shows the drawing register excel sheet which doesnt populate with the hyperlink and a new excel sheet which does populate the hyperlinks.

Does not populate excel sheet

Will populate a new excel sheet


Hi, Kieran, in my opinion, to achieve what you want at point 1 and 2, you are going to need to make changes the Hyperlink node, but the node has a #Copyright © 2016, Lingkon

@Lingkon, lingkonn@gmail.com

So I advise you to ask the permission to change.

Hi Kieran,

Did this work for you? I am currently trying to work with something similar by attaching by pdf files to revit objects such as images etc. What package is the Hyperlink node from I am having trouble with the one inserted on this post.


Hey Guys,

Any ideas on this one?

I am getting the hyperlink in Excel but it is cycling the list for the FriendlyName count and naming every FriendlyName by the next link.

Any help much appreciated.

Discovered BattleBIM Package - still getting the same issue.

I copied the custom node contents into the main graph and it seems to have rectified the issue - something to do with how custom node manages the levels?