Printing several formats using dynamo from revit

Hi Everyone,

I have seen that much of you know how to make printing faster when it comes to pdf.
But when im printing im in need of a package that includes.
Schedules exporting to excel
Sheets printing to pdf
Sheets exporting to cad
Model exporting to IFC
and even some views exporting to JPEG

this is now a very time consuming job and i would like to expedite the procces as much as possible.

Does anybody now a way to do this all combined, or most of it.

I hope to hear from you soon!



The package Genius_Loci might cover most of them.

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Hi @j.steenbeek,

Welcome to the Dynamo forum.
Look into the archilab and Genius Loci packages for export to pdf, IFC, DWG, jpg.
Dynamo has a OOTB node to export to Excel.

Thank you i will look in to it