PDFCreator creates PDF with wrong filename

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I´m kind of stuck with the creation of PDFs now. I created a running script which worked fine in Revit 2019. In Revit 2021 it did not work anymore. I could find no reason for that. I just crashes all the time.

Now I created a C# Script with a way better UI for the users in my office and I got it to print, but with a wrong filename. And I cannot figure out why…

For example my filepath is set as the follwing.
printMgr.PrintToFileName = @“D:\Print\Testfile.pdf”;

The setting is applied to the printmanager as well and PDFCreator is setup like this:

When I had a fixed location in folder. The same problem occured. In 2019 it works with the node from Genius Loci. (Print PDF (multiple formats) GeniusLoci v.2019.1.28)

Does anyone have an idea what I can do to solve this problem? Currently I look into the folder and look for any changes and rename the “newest” file, but some of my colleagues ran into issues with this “workflow” which is quite messy anyway.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Not sure, but there was a PDF bug in Revit earlier this year caused by a Windows update I believe. May do some digging on that and see if it can help.

Hi Sean,
we have a different problem. The printed content within the pdf is correct. It just does not get the correct filename. For this reason I have to rename them in the folder afterwards.

try to apply this setting in PDFCreator

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Unfortunately, this does not make a difference :frowning: