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Hi Dynamo Community,

I’ve been struggling this morning trying to create PDFs from a archi-lab node. It seem very simple and its well explained on the site. I can’t see what I"m doing wrong but I continue to get a Exception of Invalid fileName. Has anyone had any success with this node?


The error message seems clear enough. You’ll most likely have to feed in a directory. Right now you’re attempting to create a single file with an invalid name: “NULL.pdf” Try feeding in a directory instead with the “Directory Path” node.

Hello Danny,

Try a filename instead of just “.pdf” end with “test.pdf” check the printscreen below:


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Dimitar and Vincent,

Thank you for your suggestion. I made the changes without any success. I got an error message. Oddly I shouldn’t have anything deleted or changed.

Traceback(most recent call last): File "<string>", line 101, in <module> Exception: The iterator cannot proceed due to changes made to the Element table in Revit's database (typically, This can be the result of an Element deletion).

I got it to work. Unfortunately it seems that I get a fetal error that crashes my model. I will continue to work on it and update this form. Thank you everyone.

Do you have Adobe PDF? otherwise you should use your own printer name.

Oddly the problem was that it didn’t like the folder on my user. I changed it to C: and then desktop and it worked perfectly on both. Thank you again for all the suggestions and help.

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Hi, where can we get the scripts? I was looking at the website, but there are many nodes I don’t have (View Sets, everything related to “Print”, etc.), so was wondering which packages do I need if I want to replicate that work?
Or if you can, can you please post the script, so I can give it a try?


The title of the package is Archi-lab like in the title of this post.

Archi-lab is a must have.

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I am sorry if I am asking stupid questions, but I do have installed (for Dynamo 1.0) and Bumblebee, but when I search for nodes like “Print PDF”, “Print Settings”, “Print Range”, “View Sets”, “Get Views form View Set”, I get nothing… I can’t recreate what is shown here…

Hi Francisco,

There are two versions of the archi-lab packages, the last one is filled with the printing scripts.

I was able to get this to work, but i am still prompted for each file name. is there an easy way to bypass this. I just want default file names .

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I’ve also created a node for batch renaming PDF files using regular Expressions (Node Name: Rename PDFs - Package Parachence). Regular Expression Website

I created a short video on my dropbox on how it works.
Batch Rename PDF Video

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I have been able to get this to run, however, the sheet size is 8 1/2 x 11 no matter what printsettings I choose. Has anyone run into this and/or have a solution?

Hello, When I have set print settings on A0 and prints it is OK, but as I change to A1 it still prints on A0. What is going on?

If I remember correctly the bug was that it prints with the last changed settings from the user interface.

Exactly, is it possible to change settings for each of the dynamos at any time?

Take a look at these topics

Thanks, I think everything is fine now. :sunglasses:

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