PDF print post script format

Hi all,

I have made a custom workflow to print my PDF files using the Archi-lab Print PDF node combined with PDFCreator. Recently i creater oversize A0 titleblocks (1500x841) to place my plan views on. PDFCreator doesn’t support this file size which means I have to print using PostScript format but I cant seem to get it to work using the dynamo workflow. Does anyone have an idea how to realise this?

Hi Vandermortel and welcome to the Dynamo forum,

That does not sound like it is a PDF Creator issue.
Have you added the titleblock sheet size to your computer’s printer form settings?
You can’t print a titleblock with a sheet size that you haven’t added to you computer.
See the below image as an example, i have sheet sizes far bigger than your 1500x841 and it works fine with PDF Creator.


If this does not solve your issue, it would be best to upload a screenshot of your workflow with previews visible so we can see what errors are being thrown :slight_smile:

Hi MVE1112,

I was not aware that it is possible to add custom paper formats to the print server, I will take a look at that! I presume that my script will then work again like it should!