Script custom printersettings PDFcreator for automatic paperformat

Hi guys,
I’m trying to program a Dynamo script with automatic papersize recognition with PDFcreator. I allready have a basic dynamo print to pdf script based on view sets selection and manual selecting printer settings (see first screenshot). I’d like to automate the printersettings by filtering the papersizes from the sheets, translating to custom papersize (width, height) from PDFcreator (see second screenshot). Because then you could PDF print all sheets at once, no matter what papersize. Is it possible to make a script to automatically set the custom papersize of PDFcreator to a given height and width? If so, what codeblocks or scripting is applicable? If you guys have a more efficient way to program this I’d like to know. Thanks in advance!


Do you have find a solution ?

Probably easier to add an additional step in between.
Get all the sheet sizes. Sort the sizes into groups of closest paper formats. Print using the list of sheets and paper formats.

Also, How can you deal with sheets that have views larger than the paper format? I find it is sometimes necessary to print using the ‘border’ size and Centred when the actual viewports or schedules etc extend beyond the paper format.

Hey Dyn4mo,

What i do is that i feed lists into the print command.

The printsizes are in the typenames of the titleblocks on the sheets. And then i filter all the sheets according to their titleblock.

the printsettings i filter by name and feed it into the printcommand.

It works perfectly for me.