Custom page size print

Hi, is it possible to print with dynamo custom formats eg A2x1,5 etc. ??

Is there any block / package where I could give the dimensions of such a non-standard format ??

I know that I can add non-standard formats to my printer and then choose the appropriate one with the help of one of the papersize blocks, but I am curious if the creation of an appropriate non-standard size can be done from the dynamo position, as with the revit function Postscript page custom size

I have a lot of non-standard formats. I can read the dimensions from them, but I have not found any package with a block to which I could specify the dimensions of such a non-standard sheet size

I never came across a package / node which can do this.

Also aren’t the settings stored in the printer (driver)? So you need access to the printer (drivers)?

In example; if you have multiple printers you have to add your custom size to each of them separately.

Not every Printer Setup works well with every printer is my experience.