Make sheet from floorplan then place floorplan on sheet

Hello Forum
I am a beginner in Dynamo and working on my first ever self made script and looking to get pointed in the right direction. I have made this and its kind of working the only thing it doesnt do is actually place the views on the sheets being made i will provide an screenshot from the script.

You are feeding “TitleBlocks” into the “View” entry of the last node; try the list of views instead.

Actually i am not as u can see there is a code block in between and its connected to waitfor so it waits to place the views on the sheet because the sheet need to be created first

I do not see views being connected to the passthrough node. I see titleblock and sheets,

You are right sorry i read your message wrong i thought u said i passedtrough the Sheet.Create node which im not

could it be that the ‘watifor’ should be ‘waitfor’?