First create new sheets and then place views in this new sheets

Hi all,
I am having issues with the node PassThrough. I am obviously using it incorrect, but I can’t understand how to use it.

I am trying to create first new sheets from an Excel file, and when these sheets are created to place one view in each new sheet (reading the information from the same excel file)

If I try to run the scripts individually they are working fine, but when I try to join them, it is not working. I upload the script and the corresponding Excel file.

Thank you!!!

Create_Sheets and place Views.xlsx (8.9 KB)
CreatePut_New sheets and place 1 view by Excel file.dyn (87.4 KB)

If they work separately, why do you have so much cross information? I would set the script up to run script 1, put a passthrough at the beginning of script 2 to create the delay. If you need information to collect from the sheets you’ve just made, just pass it on with a passthrough that waits for completion of the sheet creation.

You have multiple spots where you are trying to gather data like it is occurring later in time. That Categories node operates at the beginning of the script. It isn’t delayed just because it’s position further right. So it’s trying to find all of your sheets before you’ve even created sheets. Then you never deliver the new sheets list to the old sheets.

For the passthrough node, it’s a super dumb node. It’s just creating a delay in pushing information to the next node. It thinks like this: receive A then output A, just don’t output A until I receive information into the B port which I do nothing with.

(edited for clarification about order of operations)