Passthrough doesnt work #2

Hello everyone, so I have some selected family elements, I want to add shared parameter on these, also want to move these to desire location as shown in the attachment. But looks like 2 executions are crashing each other. Dynamo either move the elements or Add shared parameter, couldnt execute both. I used passthrough but it still did not work. Can anyone please help to take a look? where did I do wrong? Thanks everyone !

Us a Transaction.End and Transaction.Start node between the FamInstByPnt and the shared Parameters.

Hi Sean thank for replying. Follow your advice, used transaction end and start. All the blocks moved but there was no shared parameter. Dynamo still only runs 1 execution. It is so random, sometime Dynamo moves item first, sometime it add parameter first. Do you have any other ideas for me? Thanks!

I think it is because you are trying to add the shared parameter to a Family Instance, and not the family itself. Try to get and feed the Family from the instance because you don’t need to add the params to all instance, just the family, then set the values for each.


i tried to assign shared parameter to the family but still did not work.
I had to unwire the addsharedparameter and moveelement nodes, run either of these node separately, then the graph works. Perhaps best way is that i will just break this graph into 2 different dyn. but then it wont be so convenient. But thanks very much Sean P for kindly reply and help.

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UPDATE #2 - Good morning Sean P, I stayed quite late last night and finally got around it. I added parameter to the family, then used passthrough to move the family instances. It works. Strange thing is i test this graph again and again in different files, sometime Dynamo still shows yellow warning. But everything works. Elements have both shared parameter and moved to desired location. Cheers! Thank for all your help ^^

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