Add Shared Parameters To Families

Hello every one.
I have Created Scripts Simpler for Add Share Parameter To Family.I hope so it useful ! You can download in package DynaMEP to use it.
If Family Placed In Model Revit :

If Family not place in Model Revit, we can use :blush:

We can download file sample in this :

You can see more detail in post:


Hello, thank for the post, do you know why it is not working ? Thanks!

update 2. your node works, but it seems there is some interferance with other nodes. Dynamo shows me this warning when i plug your node in. So i whether move the family or add parameter. Can’t i do it both at the same time ???

When you add parameters to the family, it means you are in turn in other documents and transactions other in revit, so you can’t do two things at the same time, after finishing parameter assignment, go move the job back to geometry after the AddShareParamterToFamily node.
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Thank you for replying. i followed what you wrote, only use 1 function at a time. But this time it did not work.
Earlier it worked when i set “fill color” parameter only. I close revit, open again, and try the node with add 2 different parameters, and it does not work anymore.

You can upload file sample ?

And output of your node is not element(s). So i cant wire it to other elements.geometry to move the object. please have a look. Thanks

I has try it but it working with me , please check family again .

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It works. I was trying to create 2 shared parameter from 2 different parameter groups. Perhaps that was why it did not work. Now i separate them to 2 nodes, it works !! THANK YOU SO MUCH. But how can i move them now ? your output is string. not element. If i wire the family instances to the element.geometry, dynamo wont work. can you help ?

Try node this with clockwork and continue job.

Hey i am sorry i am a little show but it still doesnt work even tho i used passthrough. Well since it is a new topic. let me create a new one for everyone’s shake. Tho thank you so very much for being so helpful. And i love your package !!! Bravo!

I am trying to use your nodes but I can not see the parameters created as instance or type inside Revit in the properties tab @chuongmep