Passing Electrical Circuit "Rating" into Electrical Fixture Family for Scheduling Purposes

Forgive my ignorance as Dynamo confuses me to no end.

I’m trying to find a solution for equipment schedules to pass a Maximum Overcurrent Protection (MOCP) rating (named “OC Rating”) into the electrical circuit’s “Rating” parameter automatically so that it appears correctly on panel schedules. I’ve been bitten by this on several projects where some piece of equipment shows the default 15A or 20A breaker rating on my panel schedule, while the equipment schedule (full of shared parameters) shows the correct MOCP rating. My google-fu fails me on this one as many others have asked similar questions, but nobody has tackled the problem with Dynamo. It seems as simple as passing an Electrical Fixtures parameter to a Circuit parameter, as long as their formats are shared, but I’m no good with Dynamo block coding.

Has anyone resolved this with Dynamo? Would they mind sharing the block connection scheme?

Edit: Now with juicy .RVT files!

I haven’t tried this myself, but if you post a sample RVT with the schedule, equipment, and parameters already set up it will help people help you. Rebuilding content from scratch to re-create your issue is time consuming and often frustrates those who’d help as they don’t see the issue since they are set up differently. If you can’t post to the forum directly a A360, dropbox, google drive, onedrive or similar link will do.

So sorry. That’s Forum Etiquette 101. I’ve editted the original post to include a link to a google drive file.

I’d like to have the “OC Rating” parameter seen on the equipment schedule be inserted into the circuit’s “Rating” parameter, either with a manual update, or automatically as it is edited. Hopefully it’s as simple as extracting the OC Rating data and inserting it into the native Revit circuit’s Rating field. I’m just a little lost with the block coding technique that Dynamo uses.

Thank you all!

Here’s my attempt, and I believe I understand the problem I’m having, but not sure how to solve it.

It’s overwriting ALL circuits with the last value in my list. I need it to replace by shared indices so Circuit 3 uses the value from Electrical Fixture 3, Circuit 4 uses Fixture 4, etc. Right now, all Circuits are using Fixture 11 (last element in list).

SetBreakerFromOCRating.dyn (10.1 KB)

I briefly looked at your script, but I didn’t run it. But the problem you are running into is a common one for multi-input graphs. I suggest playing with node levels