Parts in Room


I’m trying to do a list with all parts and your respective room.

I wrote what I’m doing in the image below, and sent my dyn file.

Ambientes.dyn (16.9 KB)


You could try something like this:

Get Active view can be found in Hot Gear or SpringNodes. I used a 3D view where parts were visible.


Thanks for the help.
I just couldn’t try yet because the node GET REVIT ACTIVEVIEW i didn’t find.

Get Revit ActiveView is from Hot Gear, and alternatively, Active View is from SpringNodes. Just type “active view” in the browser search field.
I was also thinking that this workflow will only work with simple shapes, but it’s certainly enough to start a discussion…

Edit: an option would be to place a raybounce at each boundary curve mid point in the direction of the normal

I stoped to try this, now I’m back.

Can u help me again?

I still needing to get all parts in each room.

do you want to discard the framing / studs / anything not a finish layer here? If so I think you can use a Boolean filter for Geometry.Intersects with a room geometry and parts to get only the facing finish. Worth a try anyway. I reccomend you use the intersection check from bimorph as it’s faster.


I tried by this way.

At the first time, when I had 3 parts and 1 room, worked fine.
When i runned in a project with a lot parts and rooms… not!

Screenshot isn’t reading node names or outputs, can you repost with the first error expanded?

opss… sorry, i was almoust sleeping!

Hi @daniel.petrin

knock knock
"with the first error expanded":slight_smile:

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Looks like you are missing a few inputs…

Try this:

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i saw this yesterday kkkk

i will try and see the results, and back here to say if is working.

thank you!!

I’ve encountered the same problem as @daniel.petrin faced when using BoundingBox.GetElementsIntersect node.
Does anyone knows the possible solution?

@Sam_Dehghani what is the error you are getting on the BoundingBox.GetElementsIntersect node?

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I got it from another way… much better!

But, pay attention, when you work with parts, there is a “cheating”.

if you check EXCLUDED (see red arrow), another ghost part is created.

So, I got another nodes to leave only REAL PARTS in the lists.

ROOM AND PARTS.dyn -> listing all parts
ROOM AND REAL PARTS.dyn -> filtering somethings and filtering ghost parts


Room and Parts.dyn (15.8 KB)

Room and Real Parts.dyn (32.7 KB)

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Hi @awilliams
It says that there’s no geometry or it’s been deleted.
The workflow was working all right, however when I opened another Revit file it started to show errors and did’nt stop until I closed Revit.

@Sam_Dehghani if @daniel.petrin’s solution with .dyn files above doesn’t solve the issue you’re having, I’d recommend starting a new thread :slight_smile:


@daniel.petrin what the required packages for this workflow


To list each parts from each room, don’t need extra packages…

Did you try?

I tried now, it’s working…

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