Sorting list of rooms and list of floors without another help parameter

Hi DYNAMO community,

I’ve a question about the node Geometry.DoesIntersect. I’ve used this node for intersection detection, but nothing happened after I’ve started the calculation, just for the first time it has detected everything correctly, but at the second attempt it doesn’t. It’s there any problem with this node or is the problem just in my hands? See below the print screen of the algorithm:

There is the short description what I want to achieve:
Standardly the room in Revit is calculating just usable area, but I need the floor area, in other words I need add the area of niches, recessed doors and so on. So I’ve created solids from rooms and also from floors, and from intersection of these solids I’ve created a filter mask and that helped me to paired room with right floor and get the right area from the floor to the room. That’s it, that’s my goal. But the node Geometry.DoesIntersect has a different opinion…

It’s there anybody who has dealt with the same problem or it’s able to help me to solve this problem? It will be great.

HERE you can download the RVT and also the DYN file form my A360 DRIVE.


Hello, first of all thanks for sharing. When I try to run your script, I get a problem here (the floors seem to have no values for this parameter):

Not sure it can be ran with an english software version…


thanks for your reply, it should be functional in English version, but you need to change the value in CODE BLOCK. There is written “Tloušťka” and you need to replace with this value „Thickess“. That’s a system parametr. I completely forgot the mention it.


Ok, then I guess Číslo = Number , Plocha = Area , Podlahová plocha = Floor Area (but it doesn’t exist as a parameter) and Typ Podlahy stays as it is because it does exist in the list of parameters (but returns no values in my case)?
Wouldn’t it be easier to translate it yourself to avoid errors and lost of time?.. :smirk:
Here is the list of floors parameters (first item):

You’re right, I’ve translated everything into English, and here is the LINK. But anyway I’ve made some progress with my algorithm I’ve actually solved the problem with intersection, but I’ve found another one. I want to sort rooms and floor according the intersection of the solid that I’ve created, but I don’t know how. I use List.Map but they don’t line up correctly. What do you think is that possible?

What do you mean by “intersection”, is it a value, a boolean…?
To sort list of elements by a parameter value, I usually recommend the SortByFunction node.
I’ll take a look at this a litlle later…

Hello again, unfortunately, I can’t make your graph working and neither can I read your titles. To make it easy to solve, I would suggest to drop a screenshot showing the exact problematic point (and maybe also start a new thread, with a new title…) Thanks :slight_smile:

Very kind thank you for your time, I mean this: If I have list of rooms and list of floors in a certain order so I was thinking that I’ll find a way how to easy and without another parameters to sort this two lists and I wanted to use the intersections of solids that I created form floors and rooms. So I wanted to uses Boolean. So what do you think, it’s possible to do it? I cannot use Bounding box because the rooms have irregular shapes.


This is very nice but I still can not read your titles in Czech :confused:. So, if you want to sort lists with boolean, I assume that you’re just going to get two lists, one from true values and one from false. I guess that you would rather like to map the two lists together, rooms with corresponding floors. In this case, I would first try with the Collector.RoomFromElements from BlackBox, for instance…