Part material take off

Hi all,

I am a beginner of dynamo. My problem is how to create the schedule of part material take off by using dynamo. Please take a look at the pics attached. I got the material of part that i want to create the schedule but the material area and volume which did not divided following the type of material. The total of area is match in revit. The reason why i choose part material take off is the wall in project divided 3 layers and some of them is higher than another. So i want to create the schedule of material of each type.

If you don’t mind please help me solving this situation. Your support is much appreciated.


I am not sure that I understand what you want, have a look at this:


Hi Julian,

Yes you solved it. I follow your way and make it done perfectly. Thank you so much. I appreciate your prompt support.

Here is my result when i followed your way.