Access data from material-take-off schedule in Dynamo

Does anyone know how to access the data stored within a material-take-off schedule through Dynamo? I created a material-take-off schedule for my Revit project. Now I want to access the materials and its quantities in Dynamo to perform further calculations about their environmental impact. So far I have been experimenting with some Python scripts, which allowed to export the material-take-off schedule to text files. However, I need the data available in form of a list within Dynamo. Does anyone have an idea how to master that?


All you really need is Clockwork’s “Element.Materials” node. You’ll either have to mimic the element filtering that you applied to your schedule or fetch all of the elements of significance from the schedule view itself like so:

Thank you so much, Dimitar. This is exactly what I was looking for. The only thing missing now is to translate the output of “materials” from for example “Material 538” to what it actually is. Any ideas on that? I think.



so, we have a lists of list. The first one is volume and the second is the material name. Do you have any idea how to combine this lists by the uniq material name? So in th final we can get the total volume by the certain material.


Hi Aleksandr,

I think your looking for this.

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Thank you Kulkul, you are lifting my progress) But with it, I have a problem- it’s not working correct if count of unique volumes not match with count of unique materials name. And now I dont known how to do it another way.

Another way to do the same thing: