Parametrizar Length of Wall

Hello everyone, I’m asking to change the length of a wall without tilting using the dynamo, but not this live, I’m using the Element.SetParameterByName but it’s not speaking at that length and reading, can anyone help?

This is because the parameter “Length” is Read-Only:

I would look into using a Global Parameter to achieve what you would like.

@awilliams could you please explain how you associate a global parameter to a “read only”-Parameter? I couldn’t achieve this.

@Fiesta I had meant in Revit, with a dimension like so:

ok, but i can’t set the value of the parameter either

oh…i got it;) thanks!

@Fiesta or like this, with Dynamo :slight_smile:


hola, what should I do with void output in this case

more precisely I am looking for a way to control wall length using an attractor but I can`t manage to set parameter name to set element length