Parametric Surface Modeling - Morphing

I am trying to use Dynamo to model parametric surfaces in Joseph Choma’s book Morphing A Guide to Mathematical Transformations for Architects and Designers. I can get the shape from an online mathematic modeling tool (see example). However, I don’t see Dynamo nodes can do similar parametric surface model. Does anyone know there are nodes or packages can do the same modeling?


Trying to get a little help (maybe) …

Design Script would be best suited.
Might also be possible with the right combination of lacing/levels with Point.ByCoordinates node

u = Math.PI/-2..Math.PI/2..#10;
v = 0..Math.PI..#10;

cx = Math.Cos(Math.RadiansToDegrees(u));
cy = Math.Sin(Math.RadiansToDegrees(u));
cz = v;
sx = Math.Sin(Math.RadiansToDegrees(cz)) * cx<1>;
sy = Math.Sin(Math.RadiansToDegrees(cz)) * cy<1>;
sz = Math.Cos(Math.RadiansToDegrees(cz));

m1 = NurbsSurface.ByPoints(Point.ByCoordinates(cz<1>,cy,cx));
m2 = NurbsSurface.ByPoints(Point.ByCoordinates(sz,sy<1>,sx<1>));
m3 = NurbsSurface.ByPoints(Point.ByCoordinates(sz<1>,cy<2>).Translate(0,0,sx));
m4 = NurbsSurface.ByPoints(Point.ByCoordinates(cz<1>,cy<2>).Translate(0,0,sx));

Thanks a lot! Let me try it myself.

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I am trying to translate the codes to Dynamo nodes. Could you tell me a little more about what are cx<1> and cy<1> mean? and what is Translate(0,0,sx) mean?

Here are some downloads on DesignScript
DesignScriptDocumentation.pdf (705.5 KB)
designscript-final.pdf (1.5 MB)
DesignScriptGuideV2.1.pdf (343.2 KB)
<1> is for List@Level 1


Thank you!