Parametric Furniture (Wooden slats) for CNC milling etc

Is it possible to create geometry similar to the below image using dynamo?

This topic in the primer looks somewhat close to what I wish to accomplish.

If so, I’m thinking I can create a (.sat) mass in revit (as the firm does not own Rhino) then work with it in this fashion.

If you have any example graphs/definitions or tutorial videos you found useful I would be very grateful for that.

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Hi @JAC ,
the primer is probably the best you’ll find. There’s also this old topic : Re-orienting Curves
You should give it a shot a post any question/issue you might have here, I’m sure you’ll get answers :slight_smile:

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It was an April fools joke, but the idea is the exact same. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help everyone!

I seem to be experiencing unresolved nodes, is this due to me missing a particular package?

Edit: I’ve just come across the mesh toolkit by dynamo, I’m now assuming this is the one required.

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Can we have the script for this? please :)?

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Of course. Attached is the DYN and the STL I read. This version of the graph has notes as well explaining the process a bit.

cardboardDog.dyn (22.1 KB)
and the STL I had used: (attribution:

Thank you john ! do you have the mesh Package you use too?

Available in the package manager. Search for Mesh Toolkit

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