Parameter Yes\No control


I have four type of mounting arrangement for Pipes, so i just added Yes\No shared parameter in pipe identity data to select the mounting type. I need to loop this selected mounting type (tick mark) value to Mark or comment section in identity data area (Refer Image attached).


So in this case you want the Comments parameter to contain the names of the parameters which are “tick marked”:

Something for you to try:

One Element.GetParameterValueByName, for each parameter name, to pull the various values (which will be 1 (yes) or 0 (no) for yes/no parameters).

An If node, testing for 1 or 0 for each parameter name. Return the parameter name if true, or an empty string of false.

A String.Join node (watch lacing/levels) to combine each of the if statement results. The empty strings will be ‘squished’ before or after the one that has the parameter filled out.

One Element.SetParameterByName node to set the original element’s comment or description to the result of the Steing.Join node.

Yes correct

In that case I would solve it the way @JacobSmall describes it :slight_smile:
Good luck!