Parameter Values from a Set of Families and Into Excel

Hi everyone,

We’re trying to write a Dynamo Graph that does the following:

  • Get a parameter value (Detail Title) from a set of families (Detail Boundaries)
  • Enter those values into an Excel file

What we tried:

We tried grabbing all elements of the Generic Annotations Category, then getting all the parameter values from the “Detail Title” parameter, creating a list from it, and writing to Excel.

The problems we’re having:

The questions we have:

  • How would we filter out just the set of families that we want to analyze / how do we get rid of the empty spaces?
  • Do we even need to filter things out? Instead of getting “All Elements of Category” should we use something else?
  • How would you go about making this script?

Hi @ej.deasis

You need to filter empty values first. Here is one of the possible way to filter empty values.

Hey @Kulkul,

I tried the method you gave me, and I think it filtered out everything that had a space in it (even spaces in between words), resulting in an empty list. Any solutions to this?