Parameter value shown does not correspond with model


I got a curious error of Dynamo that does not show the correct value number of a length parameter of doors.

The value results that I got are a default value of an instance parameter of the Revit family. Although, parameterbyname node shows the real value in the project for the instance family.

Even converting the result in a text, the value goes wrong later.

Any idea of the cause of that behaviour?

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Hi @RubenVivancos,
If you close dynamo and re open it and run the script i think you will get the same values in every nodes.
I think Element.GetParameterByName keep the initals values before the script run (is there a node Element.SetValueByName in your script ?)
I noticed the same behaviour when i set some new values.

the value by default in the family is 1000mm and script modifies the value for each instance family of the project, the getparameterbyname node is located in the script after setparameterbyname node.

It does not work reopening the script or restarting Dynamo for me.

Yes i think it is because a data can’t be set twice in a thread, so Element.GetParameterByName catch the initial value and keep it.

it can be, solved with node Transaction.End

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