Parameter of the window

I took a parameter of the window (as in picture dynamo)
How can I take the other parameters contained in the family of the window (for example those marked in red)
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finestra1 finestra2

Hello Alex Volt,

Can you repost picture from Revit. I can’t see those parameter names.




If you want to get a type parameter, you need to query a family type, not a family instance:

get type param


I published a custom node called “GetTypeParameter.FrmFamilyInstance”

Search for KOP in the package manger and you will find it.

it extracts a type parameter from a family instance.

Thanks for the answers
I have changed but does not give the values “height” as in the picture, only [0], [1], and so on.
Iattach images






Thanks Peter
I feel your node even if I wanted to understand how it worked this
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Sorry I forgot a picture
if I put the values “Height” do not find them in watch



Now it works
if I have to find all the windows or doors of the document, with the size, how can I do?
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  1. select “all doors” and “all windows”

2)create a combined list

  1. select parameter for query

  2. check height >1.7 meters

  3. map result to first list

Thanks Peter
I tried it and it works perfectly
I tried with a floor (area) … here does not tell me the solution
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Try this:

I would like to know why stringnode, value Area, doesnt work, while codeblock “Area” does.

Please explain this,


working no quote marks necessaryworking

Thnx Peter,

I was reffering to alex’s post but i did not pay attention, he is using another node fot the input.



Thanks Peter
works well

And if I wanted to read the structure of a wall?

for example, the materials and relative thicknesses
with this node does not work … how could you do?

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sorry for late replying.

  1. you expect something like that?



that is just a showing off what some of the available options are.

[0] is the type of the wall

[1] is the wall width

[2] structural type

[3]layer width

[4] name of the material

the python script looks like that:


Haha, Peter - looks like we more or less did the same work. :wink:

I needed a node like that as well (and it was requested in another post on the forum a couple of days ago).


Part of Clockwork 0.74.3


so i am not alone :wink:


Thanks Peter for the response
I studied your listing in python
in dynamo I note an error at line:

wallCS walltype.GetConpoundStructure = ()

tells me that:

AttributeError: ‘WallType’ object has no attribute ‘GetConpoundStructure’

how can I change?

Thanks for your cooperation

thanks Andreas

I tried the knot, but gives an empty list, that error I do ??

Thanks for your cooperationmateriali