Dynamo package for doors/windows

Are there any Dynamo Packages built for specifically windows and doors? Using GetParameterValue doesn’t seem to be working some of the time.

Could you be more specific. May be a screenshot might help others to understand who is trying to help you.

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Is it a ‘Type’ and ‘Instance’ parameter issue? Sometimes you need to feed in the Window Family Type into GetParameterValue node to get a ‘Type’ parameter value.

I guess yes this is the issue. The areas extracted are almost double of what they should be

Width * Height for approximate areas of rectangular windows?

You’re probably getting the solid area which includes all faces so would usually be about double the expected area of the opening.

@simon_murphy1 was right. It was Instance and Type issue. I was directly extracting Area from AllElementsinCategory. Getting the type and then extracting Height and Width solved the problem.