Parameter.CreateSharedParameter - many categories

Node usage Parameter.CreateSharedParameter with many categories

it only takes the first one - IN[0]

how to change to have more categories?

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Try putting your category list to @L2 (lacing can be shortest)…

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I do also get errors using this node. I have marked this node as an error earlier at the DynamoDS GitHub page (, at that time it was a slightly different error, but the way to solve it is still the same. It works only by adding a new parameter and that is, of course, a major error.

I dont know if anyone in the team has looked into this by now, but I dont expect so. @Michael_Kirschner2 has maybe an answer.

AddsharedParameter.dyn (11.2 KB)

@ Mark.Ackerley
Thanks … it works
I read some posts —> wanted “long” option

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Maybe I was a bit imprecise. With a “new parameter” I meant a completely new one that doesn’t exist in the shared parameter file in advance. If you try this, then the node works as expected!?

The input of categories (CategoryList) is a list, in other words, you should not use either list level or lacing… this doesn’t work. Either is this an error in the code and recoding is needed or an error in the method signature, it might be the case that it should not take a list and therefore is list level/lacing needed!

I hope that @Michael_Kirschner2 can explain what is going on with that node.

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I am just hugely indebted to All of you package creators, so I can’t criticise :slight_smile:

@alex_volt if the post solved your problem, it would be handy to mark it as Solved, incase anyone else has this issue.



I think in this case - the node is performing as it should - longest lacing will replicate over the list of categories, which will run the node N times, each time with one item from the list of categories. Shortest or Auto I believe will get the proper behavior where the list is passed as is, and the function will execute once.

how can that be so… the categoryList is being turned into a CategorySet, this Set is send as one “Set” and not something there must be runned N times!
It should pass the entire list without lacing or list level, there should be no need for this at all… I dont get it.

If i dont do anything (list level/lacing) it will send the CategorySet, but only if then the parameter name not exist in advance. This is very odd… again, I dont get it.

I have coded two new nodes to use for Parameters, these don’t fail to take a list of Categories.
At the same time, I did solve my own problem I mentioned at DynamoDS GitHub (

New version of the Orchid package is available --> 130.2.06 and 200.2.06

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Thanks for collaboration
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