Add shared parameter into right categorized parameter group

I am new to dynamo and I am using orchid node to create shared parameters within family file.
I would like to distribute FK_MATERIAL under PG_MATERIALS, and COPYRIGHT, FK_FAMILY CREATOR, FK_TYPE PREFIX under PG_IDENTITY_DATA. I have set the data lacing to be longest, however, I have got all the parameters all under PG_MATERIALS GROUP. Can anynoe please tell me how to fix it? Thanks.

Try removing all the list logic @L2 and @L4 and just repeat your inputs (eg 4 parameter names, 4 param groups, etc) to see if it works correctly

Hi Greg,

Thanks i think to repeat the input will work. But would like to know the easiest way to achieve.

The easiest is the simplest (: anyways instead of using lists like this:
[1,2,3,4] and [a,b]you could try this [[1],[2,3,4]] and [a,b] so that 1 goes with “a” and 2,3,4 with “b”

I see, thanks a lot!

@GregX it works!