Write shared parameter to multipule categories?



Im wanting to write some shared parameters to multipule catergories at the same time, is this possible?

i have sucessfully pushed the parameters i want through to doors but when i try to apply them to another catergory eg. windows the previously created parameters are removed from doors.

im sure its a rookie mistake but im totally stuck her :slight_smile:



That’s actually normal Dynamo behaviour. If you switch the category, your graph will affect another category instead of the previously selected category.

There are several approaches you could take:

  • - Feed a list of categories to the shared parameter node (depending on how that node was designed this may already work)
  • - Create duplicates of your workflow for each category (good for beginners because there's not a lot that can go wrong with this approach)
  • - Use List.Map to feed a list of categories to the shared parameters node (more elegant than approach #2, but this would require an understanding of how the List.Map node works - do a search on this forum and something should come up)


Thanks for the reply-

I have now tried with duplicates og the graph for multipule categories which actually worked well.

But i will now look into the list.map node to see if i can make a little simpler solution.

a little bonus question - is it possible to push a shared parameter to all revit categories ?


With Dynamo, you would have to create a list of all categories and then adapt your graph to process that entire list (approaches #1 or #3), but there’s no node that will give you a complete list of categories - which means manual work. I believe there are some Revit addins that allow you to specify multiple categories when creating project parameters but I can’t say for sure.