Multi-input Lacing

Hey all,

So I’m working with the ParameterFilterElement.ByRules node, and I’m having an issue figuring out the correct way to apply several categories to each rule that I’m making.

I want one rule made for each filter (Parameter does not contain Value). The values are taken from a list with the length of 43. However, any of the lacing options I’ve selected have not given me what I’m looking for. Maybe there’s a node I need to add to change this up a bit, but for the life of me I can’t figure out which one I need.

Output with Shortest: image

Output with Longest: image

Output with Cross Product:

The desired result is kind of a combination of Longest and Shortest, where I have all 4 categories applied to the singular filter that corresponds to the parameter named in the title of the filter (Not C-201 -> Pour ID does not contain C-201).

Maybe it has something to do with the View.SetFilterOverrides node, but I believe the underlying problem lies with the ParameterFilterElement.ByRules node.

Thanks all!

I have quickly reproduced the situation and managed to apply every filter on 3 categories, the only thing is that I had to set the level of the “rules” input in the ParameterFilterElement.ByRules node at @L2.

Interestingly enough, that didn’t work – however, I tried pretty much every combination I could think of for levels and eventually got it. I needed to set Categories to @L2, Rules to @L1, and set Lacing to Longest.