Bringing Modifeid Revit Surface as it is into dynamo

could somebody tell me why my diamond panels are going outside of the surface perimeter curve ?

Could you give us a stripped out Rvt file?

Your graph is quite simple, I would systematically show and hide previews to try and work out why the patch is completing in a strange manner…

Obviously when you flatten the curves it’s upsetting them. Is there a reason why you have 2 different graphs?



Hi @Mark.Ackerley,
Thanks for the replay.
please find the outline of my surface from the attachment.I am trying with different approaches; that is why it is shown as two different graphs.

Graph for Cable.dyn (21.9 KB)

Thanks, unfortunately I don’t have Revit 2019 so someone else will have to help…

Hi @Mark.Ackerley,
I had just recreated that surface in Revit 2018.3.If you don’t mind could you please have a look at it?


Thanks, that’s great.

So I think this all comes back to how Dynamo thinks about a Patch… It creates a rectangle surface and clips it’s boundary, but the points for the surface are spread over the original rectangle.

I believe the quad node is using these points to generate the surface, so you get the rectangle.

I have therefore split the resulting surfaces by their intersection with the patch and got the inside ones…

You can see that this fails at some areas around the edge. So I scaled it up a bit and ran it again…

Hope that’s useful…


FacadeGridPanelsSplitSurface.dyn (31.2 KB)

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Hi @Mark.Ackerley,
Brilliant method…:star_struck:
Many thanks…!!

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