Package SpaceLayout, Dynamo 2.0.2 and Refinery

I am testing the package SpaceLayout in Dynamo 2.0.2, my goal is to run tests in Refinery (which is working only with Dynamo 2.0.2).
I can detect site outline from SAT file, however the node Convert Site to Polygon 2D doesn’t work.
The node works perfectly in Dynamo 1.3.4, but unfortunately Refinery doesn’t support this version of Dynamo.
Is there any solution to make this node works? or any other method to replace it by another node?

That package isn’t updated for 2.0 and I do not believe there are any plans to update it. You’d be better served to dig into the project rediscover graph by @keanw.

Project Rediscover is now available for download - Through the Interface

It’s also pretty easy to build your own similar tools using almost entirely out of the box nodes and commonly used packages. The workflow demonstrated here uses only one custom python node, the source for which can be found with minimal searching:

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