Dynamo for space planning as well designing internal layouts, structures


Are there any dynamo packages or sample scripts which can help understand process of urban design using dynamo or try out; space planning, internal layouts design, material estimations as well some solar and wind analysis if Geo-coordinates is one of parameter passed.

Thanking in advance

The refinery beta site has a few such examples. Sign up here: https://www.autodesk.com/campaigns/refinery-beta

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thanks for your help.

Is following scenario possible.

revit/refinery/dynamo/excel parameter files and other application code are hosted in cloud
User accesses application through web browser, selects 1 floor apartment
and provide few criterion’s like area for e.g.
From excel sheet as per users selection parameters are feed to dynamo script
which can be used by Refinery to generate parametrized 1 floor apartment designs
Through Revit API top 5 generated designs are exported which can be sent to web application for further use.

Can you get this running on your cloud box?

I would keep it more conceptual - what you are asking for doesn’t need the overhead which a system based around Revit requires.