Package Node Library not found


I am trying to make a custom package using dll’s but the dll are not pick up by dynamo. See image below.

Other packages with dll’s have there node libraries listed but mine are not listed.

What am i doing wrong?
I can’t find anything in the log file in the dynamo appdata dir. Is there a log file somewhere else or can i change the log level??

I have 3 dll file

  • Mobilis.Dynamo.NodeModels.dll
  • Mobilis.Dynamo.Nodes.dll
  • Mobilis.Dynamo.NodesUI.dll

I’m using Dynamo Build

My pkg.json is added below

	"description":"Omschrijving van Packages",
  "dependencies": [],
  "contents": "",
  "engine_version": "",
  "engine": "dynamo",
  "engine_metadata": "",
  "contains_binaries" : true,
  "node_libraries": [
      "Mobilis.Dynamo.NodeModels, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null",
	  "Mobilis.Dynamo.NodesUI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null",
	  "Mobilis.Dynamo.Nodes, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"

Kind Regards

Loek Wensveen

I got it,

The compiler settings where wrong.
I copied the settings from and removed the <preffer32bit> tag from the project file. it is working now.

The only problem i now have left is that the INodeViewCustomization classes do not seem to load. The library is loaded and i can select the node in the node browser but the node is yellow and it does not work and the custom WPF components are not displayed.

If i copy the INodeViewCustomization class to the same project als the NodeModel classes everything works but i preffer to keep them in a different project.

Sorry for my bad English

Kind Regards,

Loek Wensveen

yes, don’t prefer 32 bit if you loading onto a 64bit process. I would use AnyCPU.

The node view customizations should load if they are included in your package and if the other library that includes nodes is marked a node library.

Do you see any errors in the console?

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I got it working now. I added a dummy node to the INodeViewCustomization dll.

The code for the dummy node is below if someone needs it.

[IsVisibleInDynamoLibrary(false), IsMetaNode]
internal class DummyNode : NodeModel

Thanks for your help.