Issues importing a .dll file into Dynamo



I recently watched the AU stream of Marcello Sgambelluri demonstrating practical Dynamo, and I was excited to try out his custom text extraction node for text boxes. However when I downloaded the files from AU and opened the project in Dynamo 0.9 I get an unresolved issue for the custom node. My library doesn’t indicate having the .dll file either, so I click the add button and try to import a library manually. Everything goes smoothly except the custom node library doesn’t appear in my library manager and the nodes still say unresolved. Have I missed a step with the Zero Touch feature?



Brandon he might have saved it in 0.9.1 or greater and they aren’t backwards compatible. Try downloading a newer build and see if that works.


I updated to (the most recent “bleeding edge” version of Dynamo) and it shows as such in my Revit, however when I open it and attempt to run the node I get the same error as my previous post. strangely my Dynamo button doesn’t give me a drop down option after this and only shows Dynamo 0.9 again. I’ve linked a screenshot of each occasion.Dynamo dynamo 2










You can do that workflow like this:


The two custom nodes are from Archi-lab_Grimshaw package and should work on any Dynamo version. Doesn’t have to be the latest. I have last tested it on 0.9.0 stable release.


This works wonderfully! Thanks a lot Konrad!