Package loses host association when graph opened in Civil 3D 2024.1

Hi, I have noticed strange behaviour of the Civil3DToolkit Package and other packages in Dynamo after I used my graph in Civil 3D 2024.1 (Czech version) and than if I used it in Civil 3D 2023.3 I had this error, see picture please. I reinstalled Civil3DToolkit package and it didn’t help. Has anyone had similar experiences and knows the solution please?

This doesn’t appear to be a Civil 3D Toolkit specific issue, so I have moved it over to a new topic.

Are you using the same package paths for Civil 3D 2023 and 2024? If so that may be the issue.

I didn’t change any paths setting.
Civil 3D 2024:

Civil 3D 2023:

I have a similar issue with packages, mainly my own Arkance Systems Node Library. Some graphs show a warning that the version is incorrect, other graphs claim that the library is not installed at all.

Don’t know why :thinking:

Exactly, this issue is visible on the first picture in this thread with Civil3DToolkit package. :roll_eyes:
I don’t know if it is important, but I have Civil 3D 2024.1 in Czech version and Civil 3D 2023.3 in English version.

I’ve asked the development team, but due to timing we might not hear back until Monday. I’ll post back whenever I hear from them.

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I’m getting this too for all packages except Civil3DToolkit.
I don’t have any updates on my 2024 Civil 3D.

Hi Jacob, please could you give me any new information?

Development is still reviewing the root cause.


I hope the developers are working on it and it will be resolved soon. Currently this is a very painful problem for me and customers using Dynamo with packages mainly with Civil3DToolkit. Good luck and I look forward to good news.
For example every time I want to use Dynamo with same dyn file I have to open graph and I have to add new node DocumentExtensions.ObjectByHandle and delete the old one.

Hi @jacob.small, is there anything new about this issue?

@mzjensen any idea? We have only seen this in a Civil 3D context.

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At this moment it takes a lot of time, because after every opening of the dyn file I have to delete and insert once again all nodes from package. I hope there is solution. Customers who use only one version of Civil 3D fortunately don’t have this issue.

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Here is recording of the workflow (2x faster, uncut and as it is with all mistakes) like example what is it about to recreate nodes.