Overwriting Revision

Hello Dynamo World,

I am having a very strange dilemma, and I am kinda stuck.
We have our revision/ issues pre-set up because I use that data to fill out our drawing matrix. So, what I am trying to accomplish is to overwrite the data in that dialogue box. Revit has OOTB nodes to update everything EXCEPT for the description.

I even tried to “Set” the Parameter value, but it tells me it is “read-only.”
I then tried to “Set” the date in the same way, and it ALSO told me that it was “read-only” even though it could overwrite the data through the OOTB nodes.

I think I am missing something regarding why this isn’t working, and I figured it would be ideal to ask the community… so here I am.

Hi @aflamish archilab have some nodes for revision but not sure for description…but probably something here could work


If you haven’t explored the API through Python yet, this could be a good opportunity. The methods for modifying revision information are very straight forward. They’re all just get/set properties.

Description (Revision Class) (revitapidocs.com)


yes this one here is written in python

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Thank you all! I also found this thread from 2018.

Set Revision Description - Dynamo (dynamobim.com)

The REI node worked like a charm! I was on the verge of writing code for that, but I wanted to avoid that if necessary.

Thank you again guys!