Override wall color

Hi all,
this one should be very simple but I honestly have no clue why the following doenst work.
I’m trying to set color to walls based on wall types. I tried several options but none of them works. Any Idea why? thanks

You are inputing a wall type, you must collect the instances in the view to override those elements in the view.

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You can do it like this:

The result:

Just to explain. The node that you have chosen Element.OverrideInView works on instances of elements. Feeding in a Wall Type wasn’t going to work. So now that we know we need all Wall instances of given type, I setup this filter to select all of the required instances. Once you have that, you can simply define the graphical overrides and you are done.




thank you very much guys, especially @Konrad_K_Sobon.
May I ask one more question related to this. I tried to feed the wall types into a list and colors into a second list, but as I realised this again is not working (again most likely doing some silly mistake)

I tried a different script as well, but I couldnt set the settings right (sometimes there was very little difference between colors and you couldnt tell the difference)

Basically I want to show different types of walls (elements) in different colors and it has to be consistent throught the project (smth that is not easily done via filters in Revit).

thanks again

OK, so the requirement to “make sure that the colors are always consistent” for each Wall Type is where you might have to do some manual work. Like compile a list of Wall Types (you can do that really easy by exporting to Excel or similar). Basically since the order of Wall Types, can change anytime you run this definition, so would the colors. They would always be unique colors for each Wall Type, but no guarantee that “red” always depicts “wall type 1” etc. Now, if you do some manual work, like make a list of Wall Types, then you can always have consistent colors:

For this example I just made a Dictionary of Wall Type name - color. No matter what file you execute this on, the “Wall - Timber Clad” will always be “Red” etc.

The rest is just grouping walls by their type, creating different overrides for each type, and then applying them.




brilliant, thanks a lot for your help @Konrad_K_Sobon

Hi Konrad, ![

I’m starting to learn Dynamo and trying to replicate your workspace. However, 4 nodes return an error messages. May I know where i got it wrong and how to fix it?

Basically, I was trying to assign the Blue to EWS01 wall, Red to EWS02, Green to EWS03 and Orange to EWS04.

Thank you,