Duct Splitting

Hello Everyone.

Currently I trying to Splitting duct using Dynamo. Based previous post in this forums (please refer to link in below)

But when i will running there are warning like in below

please kindly find my Dyn. file too Duct Splitting.dyn (78.8 KB)

This is my package

Thank you before everyone ^^

Thanks for creating new topic. Could you show the values of these:

This one @Kulkul

Thank you so much for quick respond

If you needed anything else
please don’t hesitate to ask me ^^

Try adding ‘false’:

Still not success Sir.

Boolean false like this right?


First, it is good that you started a new post, by far to many add questions to solved issues instead of starting new topics referring to the old post if needed. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

You were asking to my nodes in the post Duct/Pipe Splitting with union, but it is the OOTB node you are using. The odd thing is that you got this node! Did you put the clean node or was it there from the beginning? It is very strange if my nodes are being replaced by OOTB nodes when graphs are opened and the user don’t have my package proper installed.

I can see that you have not installed my package properly, you have only installed the “dummy” package I have at the Package Manager site. The reason for having a “dummy” package there, is only to reserve the name. There is only one node available in the dummy package, and that one node is directing you to my GitHub site where you can get the real package!

In this case, as @kulkul describe, you can use the OOTB node, you just need to add the requirements for using that. When I made my node I had the idea that it was more obvious to have a “search for” value to be cleaned. The OOTB node is a kind of odd for me. If I place a “clean” node, then I will clean for something, why should I the want to preserve what I clean… My node can find and clean any value you are searching for, the OOTB node is only cleaning for “empty and null” values. Besides is my node built to solve recursive issues, while the OOTB node needs the same depth in the list being feeded.

Thank you @erfajo for your respond
But, almost of your description… i really don’t understand :disappointed_relieved::sob: (Crying of Newbie)
what is OOTB node and how to get your real package, so confusing. i am so sorry due to i am don’t understand
I will trying understand what’s your mean

Try googling OOTB, I am sure you will get the correct answer. Next, try adding the one and only node you have in my package, try to see what it does. Don’t be affraid to just jump out, by testing you will learn something :slight_smile:

helloo @erfajo
Sorry for late respond
I am understand for my mistakes, wrong to using your orchid packaged. I just download in search package in dynamo without read more.
now i already download full your package in GitHub

I am using Dynamo 2.0.0 and this is my package:

but still have error (at least error not too much like before ^^)

wish you want to help me due to my manager always ask me.
thank you beforeDuct Splitting.dyn (78.6 KB)

Possible if i use Data-shapes

this is for piping tagging, we can choose duct which want to split

This is link to revit file, thanks

First, I put this announcement some days ago


Next, It was only the way you were installing my package I reacted upon. Good to see you fixed that.

Lastly, I can’t answer your questions for the nodes you are using, try addressing the problem to the authors of the package which has the nodes.

hy @erfajo
the last question, may in know what version dynamo you used and can i see your package in dynamo?
thank you

Topic a bit old, but the following article could be a solution for others:

Try this amazing node from GeniusLoci

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