Orchid .16 package for Dynamo 2.13

I have Dynamo Version 2.13 and I downloaded Orchid Package 2.16 and unzipped the folder to the following path: AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.16\packages. But when I open Dynamo in the package manager, it gives error. I tried also to install it from Builds on github, but only found the Read me node. I installed it when Revit and dynamo were closed. Can’t understand where this error is coming from.

Did you unzip with 7zip?

I extracted all in a folder with the same name. Does it make a difference?

If you used the built in windows zip tools it likely would have left the mark of the web in place, which will prevent the foreign code from being executed. Utilize seven zip or unblock the DLLs before/after extraction.