Optimo: issues on surfaces flattening

I’m Francesca and I’m trying to learn Optimo for use it in my thesis.
The final purpose is to reduce the geometrical deflection of my building’s panels. For now, I tried to do some simpler exercises to better understand how it works.

I’ve tried to “move” a single point to zero and it worked well.
When I try to do the same on 4 points, I cannot get any results.
From the single-point-version’s I’ve just repeated the objective list from 1 to 4. The starting population initial list seems fine (list of list with placeholder for results at end), but the loop while add extra nesting every loop.

I’ve linked screenshot and all files, hoping someone will help me.

Thank you

link with files:

Most pressing issue is that you seem to be missing a package or using a deprecated one (have a look at the two yellow nodes) :slight_smile:

Sorry @Jonathan.Olesen, I’ve posted the photo from Sandbox but I’m using Dynamo for Revit.

Your preview images aren’t legible. Please zoom in so we can read the images, then use the export workspace as image tool (camera icon in the top right of the workspace) and it will export a legible image of all nodes on the workspace.

I’ve found out that the problem is how the list comes from the fitness function.