Open View from Viewport on Sheet

Hello all,

Its been a while since I have posted (took a long vacation) but I am back and excited for all the new changes. I wanted to share a quick script I just made for opening views from a sheet rather than having to find them in the Project Browser.


I had to go back a few Package updates to get @john_pierson code for Pick Model Element but it still works great. Viewport.GetView is still available in his most current version.

Big thanks to @Nick_Boyts for providing the code to open a view. The post can be found here.

I chose to use John’s old code rather than the built-in pick elements tool, so you do not need to edit the inputs from the player. In Dynamo player just hit the play button then select the viewport (view on a sheet) you want to open and the view will pop up.

Open View by Viewport_01.dyn (5.4 KB)

Hope it helps,