Open Office instead of Excel

I don’t have MS Office Excel but I’m using Open Office. What should I do in order to read the open office file? I can’t find a node for open office.

As far as I know there isn’t a out of the box node for that. Check the package manager or else get excel installed

If open office can save out to a CSV (fairly certain it does) than that is an option.


I have not tried this, but I believe you can create an ODBC connection an ODS file
I don’t know if OpenOffice install necessary drivers by default

Similar to this:

Thank you sir! I’m trying to install Excel to ease the pain.

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Thank you for help Sir! Actually I’m a newbie here, so I will try to comprehend this sample.

No problems, while most of the time there is a work around, always try to solve the problem from root :wink:

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