Open office cal(excel)

is open office cal (Excel) working in dynamo…i got a Warning while using this formet file…check the warning message…suggeste me how to procced with this.

Warning: Excel.ReadFromFile operation failed.
Excel is not installed.
I dont have MS-Excel…

You cannot use a node written to interact with the excel interop without having excel… But you might be able to export a csv file from openoffice, and import that using dynamo :slight_smile:


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply…
cant we use openoffice cal (apache)…its smillar to Ms-excel…It can save the files like ms-excel…

Your issue is that the node uses the interop shipping with excel to interpret the excel file… Without the interop no decoding

But you could probably write your own node for openoffice if they have an open API

There are related topics here: (Suggesting to try an ODBC connection).

And here covering how Dynamo actually needs to open up an excel file in excel to alter and read the information contained in the file… (Which is also a reason to use .csv or .xml files instead).

Thank you Jonathan,

I ll check this…