Read/Write to Excel 2016

Hello, I’m trying to read and write files from excel, and wrote a simple graph to do so:
n = DSOffice.Excel.WriteToFile("…\hello.xlsx, 0, 0, “hello world”, true,);
But I’m getting an error from the Excel.WriteToFile Node simply stating “operation failed”. Same with the Excel.ReadFromFile node.

I’m running Revit 2015 and Excel 2016, Dynamo 1.0

I tried getting someone else in my firm to run the same script and it worked for him with Revit 2015 and Excel 2010, Dynamo 1.0

Has anyone else run into the same problem? Is it a versioning issue?

@veritably can you write to CSV? It may be that Excel 2016 use’s a different library DLL that isn’t yet support?
Have you tried Archi-lab_Bumblebee Package and if so did that give same error?

Hello, has anybody heard of an issue with the Excel.ReadFromFile node after updating to Dynamo 1.1 ? I have a routine that works perfectly in my Dynamo 1.0, but a friend of mine is trying to use it in Dynamo 1.1 but this node cannot read data from the Excel file. I know the issue is with this node because I have disconnected its output from the rest of the script. So I wonder if this is a known issue. Any help is appreciated.