Only one of the graphs work! How to export to nwc after applying overrides?

I am trying to export some views to nwc and I want to turn off the Revit links and cad links for them. I am a student and very new to Dynamo and have created this script that only works to either turning off the links or exporting to nwc. If I freeze the links or execute it first, I am able to export to nwc but not in a single run. Any ideas of how I can alter this script so it turns off the links first and then exports to nwc. I tried wait for and Passthrough node but it didn’t work or maybe I didn’t use it properly. Thanks for the help!

It shows this in the export dialog box but there is no export in the directory.


As a workaround, set the RunIt input on False, Run the definition.
Set the RunIt input on True and run a second time the definition. It should work this way.

Try wiring the final ‘view’ output into the view input of the Navisworks export node.