Online Packages Search in Revit

I use Dynamo a lot in my BIM business. Like everyone in my shoes, I collect Definitions/Programs as I find them and save them to my computer for later use. I usually Google what I am looking for, but would love just do a search using the Online Packages Search in Revit. Is it possible that over time, that there could be tens of thousands of Definitions that would still be searchable based on meta data of some sort?

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recently someone posted why there wasn’t something like the old Cadalyst web site were people could post their own DYN for others to use. The argument was that there is more than one way to get the information one wants or how to filter the data from Revit.

So, yes I guess one day there could be tens of thousands of Definitions.

the web site has done a good job so far but is lacking in where Cadalyst had for LISP.

So I think yes one could be able to search from within Revit for definitions. Heck Google searches tens of millions if not billions of web pages. Yes, two different things, but I think I’m not reaching too far.

Not sure if I really answered your question, but these are just some of my ideas.