Offsets for Points

I generated vertex points for a geometry. Now I want offsets to those vertices at for example 5’ . I am able to get two corners but not all the four. What i’m doing is adding 5’ and -5’ to Point.x and Point.Y and creating another list of points. Actually it should be adding +5 and -5 simultaneously and to create two points. Should I keep the lacing long?

Hi Rooney,

Are you looking for this?

Hi Kulkul,

I’m looking something like this.

  1. Extract the curves of the poly curve
  2. Get the normals (ie a vector)
  3. Get the end points of the extracted curves
  4. Line.StartPointDirectionAndLength using 2 and 3 as inputs
  5. Extract the endpoints of the new lines

offsetPoint.dyn (8.5 KB)