Offset of a rectangle

I would like to make the offset of the rectangle as shown in the image

offset.dyn (22.6 KB)

You could get the corner points of the current shape, then use that to redraw a temporary rectangle with straight lines and then use offset, you will get the required results.

I had also thought about the same, the problem is that I practically do not know which knot to use to obtain only the corner points

How would you eliminate the points that you would not need

@Christhian could you use the boundbox and offset its curves?


Look at this:


@Kai It works very well
@Ge0rges it generates an error

Strangely, for me it works well.

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You probably mean the convex hull method to find the outside points of a collection. There is a package for and otherwise you can find python scripts for that.

I managed to solve it, it also works very well

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