Rectangle offset creates round corners


I an trying to offset a simple rectangle [EDIT: not a rectangle just 4 straight edges] polycurve, but the offset produces round corners.
How can i get sharp corners?

this is the graph

Do you get the same result if you extract the 4 corner points (Polycurve curves, Curve Start and End Points, combine and flatten list, Prune duplicates, sort order to perimeter non-branching) and build a Rectangle object and offset that instead?

how would you do that? manually?

oops, sorry. The curves aren’t rectangular [Edited at post 1]

its just a closed curve with 4 straight edges.

For a moment I thought that i had it fixed. But some other ‘strangeness’ appears.

At offset value 5000 the offset looks straight edged

At offset value 7000 there are round corners again!

The node :snowflake:_Sort Points as Perimeter from the Sastrugi package can sort the points.

But as it is not a rectangular shape, have you looked at this post?

Or this one, as the shape displayed as working is consistent with yours.

I do not see immediately how these topics relate to mine.

However, in the meantime I built a ‘manual offset’ method. Quite ridiculously devious but i think it works.

Still, if anyone has an immediate answer to my original question (Why are the offset corners round???) then please.

@Ewan_Opie thanks anyhow!

I just realise that the method above will only work for basic shapes.
Any irregular shape and it will probably fail…
Still need a clean way to get a simple offset fixed.

Tried from scratch in a new file. Still the same behaviour :rage:

Using Dynamo 2.0.2…

For a second I thought that maybe PolyCurve.Offset instead of Curve.Offset would help, since it has the ‘extendCircular’ parameter.

Sill no result though.

Can you share the dyn and the content required to reproduce this?

@jacob.small Sure. (thanks for your help. much appreciated.)

here is a download link

Hi, are you working in Geometry Scaling Large or XL? Based on the coordinates Geometry Scaling ‘Medium’ will transform your geometries.


@GinoKoolman U the man! Thanks a lot.

Hi @jnoordzij

Is your issue solved?

I believe so, yes. Thank you.

EDIT: make that a definitive yes. Thank you all.

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