Poly Curve Offset Broken Lines


I am working through a generative design tutorial but the curve offset function is breaking my poly curve and I cannot figure out why (image 1). the intent is to have the red poly curve offset to the interior to provide an enclosed boundary. Thoughts?

Hi @jwheeldon-MGBA !
Are you sure your selected element is planar in XY plane ?

yes the poly curves are in the XY plane

could you show the result of each nodes ?

Did you try to connect directly the Curve.Offset node to the Polycurve one ?

success! however in the tutorial the guy said it needs to come from the data.remember node in order for the gen design to work down the line

looks to be all working now!

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Yes, but it seems you Data.Remenber was connected to the Element.Curve node instead of Polycurve ?

yes i think i did have a crossed wire (pun intended) thanks for your help Francois!

you are welcome :slight_smile:

We are also improving this behavior in the Dynamo 2.10 release :slight_smile: So that you can simply input an offset and it will behave as expected, i.e. as follows: